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Koli National Park

During spring 2022 I created set of images for Koli National Park in Finland. Illustrations have been used to tell stories about the history of the path as well as geological change in the area since the Big Bang. Illustrations for summer trails at Koli […]

Memory disorders Campaign

Illustrations for campaign to support families with memory disordersClient: Suomen muistiasiantuntijat ry2019

Midsummer party

Editorial illustration about violence at tango festivalClient: Helsingin Sanomat2019

Union Workers

Commissioned illustration about union workers  Client: JHL2019

Illustration where fairytale and fantasy figures jump out of the book.

Espoo City Public Library

Illustrations for “Europe reads!” campaign Houkutus – Lukuviikko Espoossa / Lockelser – Läsveckan i Esbo Client: Espoo City Library, Finland2019

SunSpelt Packaging

Illustrations & graphic design for SunSpelt Cereal Packaging “Vuoden luomutuote 2018” – Awarded the Best Organic Product 2018 for product & packaging Client: SunSpelt, Finland 2018