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Memory disorders Campaign

Illustrations for campaign to support families with memory disordersClient: Suomen muistiasiantuntijat ry2019

Midsummer party

Editorial illustration about violence at tango festivalClient: Helsingin Sanomat2019

Union Workers

Commissioned illustration about union workers  Client: JHL2019

Illustration where fairytale and fantasy figures jump out of the book.

Espoo City Public Library

Illustrations for “Europe reads!” campaign Houkutus – Lukuviikko Espoossa / Lockelser – Läsveckan i Esbo Client: Espoo City Library, Finland2019

SunSpelt Packaging

Illustrations & graphic design for SunSpelt Cereal Packaging “Vuoden luomutuote 2018” – Awarded the Best Organic Product 2018 for product & packaging Client: SunSpelt, Finland 2018