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Drawings from the Forest

I have spent a lot of time in the forest. These images are drawn from those trips. The book Drawings from the Forest is self-published collection of forest drawings (and ghosts). Drawings from the Forest (2022) Self-published book Available at my webshop on October 2022.

Ystäväkirja – Book of Friends

Book of Friends is a story about a girl and animals she meets find along her travels. The visual story takes you to the places which are inspired by Emmi’s travels to Europe and Asia. This story is for children and adults alike. Story and […]

Bat Zine

Identifying the bats of Pier2 area駁二蝙蝠追追追

Eksyksissa Being Lost Book Cover for Silent Book

Eksyksissä – Being Lost Silent Book

Silent book about a horse and a bird and their travels through forests,Icelandic mountains and dreamland. Black and white story is fully illustrated and has no text. Artist’s book with black and white drawings. Dusk jacket with full color Language: Silent / No words. Publisher: Emmi Jormalainen Year 2019 ISBN: […]

Silent books Workshops & Exhibitions

Article about my works and silent books in Japanese Illustration magazine illustration (イラストレーション) 2017年 9月号 Summer 2017 Emmi Jormalainen: Puu (“The Tree”) in the Silent Book Exhibition UAEbby and Ibby Italy collection of Silent Books around the world Flying Saucer, Sharjah, UAE 2017 Silent Book Workshop […]

Lost – ongoing project

Drawings and sketches from ongoing project for a silent book Lost. Exhibition at Galleria Kuvitus (The Finnish Illustration Association, Helsinki, Finland) in February 2018. The book will be published later in 2018 or 2019.

Book Cover and Spread for Atlas Part 1 Islands Artist's Book

Atlas Part 1: Islands

“Every time I start planning a trip, I read maps and weather reports. Still I’m always surprised by the unknown landscapes and the beauty of the remote places.This book is about four journeys to islands which have enchanted me. Hillesøya (Norway), Taiwan, Yakushima (Japan) and […]

Silent Book “Puu” (Tree)

“Puu” is a silent full color children’s book. (“Puu” is a Finnish word for tree.) The experimental story plays with the form of the book. It’s a visual story of a tree – and birds who live in it. Finnish / English (no text) 2013 ISBN […]

Black and white cover for art zine Distant Island

Distant Island -zine

Distant Island art zine. Drawings are done in an artist residency on the island of Hrísey in Northern Iceland during October 2013. The zine is printed with riso printing in 2014. Numbered edition of 150 copies.

Artist book Home Taiteilijakirja Koti

Artist Book “Koti” (Home)

“Home” is a silent artist’s book. (“Koti” is a Finnish word for home.) The story takes the reader through 16 apartments where the author has once lived. “Home” shifts from a teenager’s room to a student flat and from fully packed studio apartment into temporary […]