Book Cover and Spread for Atlas Part 1 Islands Artist's Book

Atlas Part 1: Islands

“Every time I start planning a trip, I read maps and weather reports. Still I’m always surprised by the unknown landscapes and the beauty of the remote places. This book is about four journeys to islands which have enchanted me. Hillesøya (Norway), Taiwan, Yakushima (Japan) […]

Color pencil drawing of a house in Reykjavik

Reykjavík Colors of Winter

Drawings made during the artist-in-residency at SÍM Reykjavík on January 2017. The works have been exhibited in a group exhibition “It helps to anticipate things that have not happened” in SÍM Gallery.

Silent Book “Puu” (Tree)

  “Puu” is a silent full color children’s book. (“Puu” is a Finnish word for tree.) The experimental story plays with the form of the book. It’s a visual story of a tree – and birds who live in it. Finnish / English (no text) 2013 […]

Black and white illustration of a dead king rising from the sea for Tufunus children's book

Children’s Book: Tufunus

Children’s book cover and illustration for the adventures of Tufunus. “Kuningas Faravidin testamentti”. Written by Heikki Lehikoinen. Published by Teos, Helsinki 2016.

Black and white cover for art zine Distant Island

Distant Island -zine

Distant Island art zine with drawing done in an artist in residency at Old School on the island of Hrísey in Northern Iceland during October 2013. Printed with riso 2014. Numbered edition of 150 copies.

Artist book Home Taiteilijakirja Koti

Artist Book “Koti” (Home)

“Home” is a silent artist’s book. (“Koti” is a Finnish word for home.) The story takes the reader through 16 apartments where the author has once lived. “Home” shifts from a teenager’s room to a student flat and from fully packed studio apartment into temporary […]

Puluboi ja Poni yhdessä ystävinä

Puluboi Children’s Books

      A serie of children’s books for Otava Publishing together with author Veera Salmi. Puluboin ja Ponin kirja, 2012 Puluboin ja Ponin loisketiivis kirja, 2013 Puluboin ja Ponin pöpelikkökirja, 2014 Puluboin ja Ponin tsompikirja, 2015